Martha McSally votes with Trump 95% of the time. That's bad for Arizonans. 

Who's really the hack?

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Realtalk: Martha McSally takes any opportunity to gain power in Washington even if that means siding with donors, Mitch McConnell, and Trump over Arizonans.

Senator Martha McSally has:

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Taken over $600,000 from the health insurance industry.

Voted to deny health coverage to Arizonans with pre-existing conditions.

Voted to impose an age tax.

Said she would ban abortion and voted to cut funding for women's health.

Cut billions in guaranteed benefits for seniors.

Click here for a printable version of some of Martha McSally's votes that let down Arizonans.

Ways to Take Action

McSally made a t-shirt. So, we made one too.

McSally is the Hack t-shirt